Production and Destruction

Production means a manufacturer while destruction means a robber.

A nation with more manufacturer and less destruction is wealthier.

How to be a strong country?

Very simple : dt>0

People have the freedom to make a transaction without any intervention. The more transaction is made, the more wealthy the nation will be.

But why is North Korea so weak even though daily transactions are made?

Because the rate of destruction > rate of production.

Production and Destruction

The way people to be wealthy is by either being a producer or robber.

Being a robber is a lot easier and quicker to get money. Example: The food produced by a farmer who plows and sows for one year can be stolen by a robber overnight.

It is the production to support the growth of a country while destruction is nothing but resource depletion.

In a modern world, people are smarter than before, and they will steal money differently.

For example:

-PDVSA is the Venezuelan state-owned oil and natural gas company.

Even the oil price is lower overseas, Venezuelan oil price is controlled by the state-owned company, meaning for each gallon the customer pays, there is $X stolen by the country.

How to associate dT>0 with production/destruction?

Voluntary exchange, a.k.a. free market enables a system to be wealthier.

Destruction means deprivation of liberty, showing unwillingness.

The free market can provide everything, all goods, and services. Except for one thing: intervention.

Where there is intervention, there is no free market, and overall wealth will decrease.

In reality, intervention does exist in every aspect of life.

In the past, it means emperor; Nowadays, it means government.

Who can be robber? Legally, no one can be a robber except the government.

For example restrictions on property purchases in China is robbery; the export control on the powdered formula in Hong Kong is an intervention in the market.

To be a country like the U.S.A, we need more production;

To be a country like North Korea, we need more Destruction.